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Year 11 study skills

As our Year 11 students are rapidly approaching their GCSE exams, it is essential that they make every effort to start revising in small chunks in order to give them the skills and confidence to flourish in summer 2019. These documents will support our students in this endeavour.

The memorisation booklets for individual subjects will support students in memorising key information that they will need to recall in the GCSE exams. The recent changes to GCSE mean that students are expected to know and be able to clearly explain lots of complex information. These booklets have been designed to support students in retaining key information in each of their subjects.  

Additionally, the vocabulary booklet is designed to support students in understanding 'Tier Two' vocabulary - in other words, academic vocabulary that is likely to appear in exam texts and questions. The booklet is designed to be used over time as a means to supporting students in developing their grasp of academic vocabulary. 

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