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To help all our students from Year 7 to 13 reach  their potential and make an effective transition from school to employment, Burntwood is proud to deliver a high standard of Careers and Work Related Learning. We use the Gatsby Foundation benchmarks to assess and develop our careers provision as recommended by the most recent government statutory guidance. The benchmarks mean that we provide...

- a stable careers programme 

- provide labour market information to our students

- address the needs of each student

- link curriculum learning to careers

- provide multiple encounters with employers and employees

- provide experience of the workplace

- ensure encounters with further and higher education and

- offer personal guidance from a fully trained industry professional. 

We aim to support our students decision-making as they approach transitions and have to make choices; inform, encourage and inspire them as they consider their future options; and help them understand and develop their employability skills as they prepare for the world of work.

Careers Guidance

We acknowledge the importance of impartial careers advice for all year groups, and career guidance is available to all students from our careers industry qualified adviser. In particular, one-on-one interviews are set up for each Year 11 student and actively encouraged for all Year 12 students.

Careers Education and Work Related Learning

(Note to Employers and WRL organisations: If you are able to offer WRL opportunities to Burntwood students, please email or

Careers education is incorporated into the school timetable, with each year group benefiting from dedicated careers related lessons. These are further supported by activities related to individual subject departments.

Careers education begins in Year 7 with the opportunity for face-to-face discussion with an external visitor regarding their career and the career choices they have made.

In Year 8, all students do reception duty for a day to have the opportunity to develop their work related skills.

All Year 9 students are introduced to the Fast Tomato online careers programme where they explore their skills, and identify potential careers and the pathways to achieve them. An annual Careers Event provides Year 9 students with the chance to make contact with and explore a wide range of careers and occupations.

Year 10 students participate in the nationwide enterprise programme, National Enterprise Challenge aimed at teaching students key technical and business disciplines as well as giving them an opportunity to develop core enterprise and transferable skills.

We recognise the value of work experience to introduce students to the world of work, give them contact with real employers and help them develop their transferable skills. We remain committed to providing all Year 10 students with a two-week work experience that they attend towards the end of the Summer term. This experience is supported by preparation sessions when students consider CV writing, health and safety issues, interview skills and job applications. After the work experience, students work through evaluating activities to reflect and record their learning experience.

Year 11 students take part in writing a progress file to help them chose sixth form courses, training or apprenticeships and meet one-on-one with the careers adviser to discuss their 16+ options.

Throughout the Sixth form years, a program of careers and work related activities is organised including external facilitators and speakers and trips to employers and further and higher education bodies. Specific student interests and pathways are identified early in the academic year and tailored opportunities and support is provided for pathways including Oxbridge, Medicine, Art and Design, Law, Nursing, IT and Business.

Tutors provide support around the UCAS application and following on from internal examinations, Year 12 students attend workshops to register them on the UCAS process and support them as they draft their personal statement. Year 12 students visit the UCAS fair in London and are encouraged to attend university open days.

Year 12 students are encouraged and supported to set up work experience both within the enrichment period of the school week or following on from internal examinations.

In addition, the school encourages visits from organisations to introduce students to a wide range of career choices and industries including Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), identified by the government as a priority. External speakers including alumni, inform on the range of career pathways including school leaver and graduate apprenticeships.

Careers Information

Further and higher education resources are available in the sixth form study room and additional careers resources are available for all students in the library and the careers office.

In addition, careers opportunities relating to work experience, apprenticeships, courses and regularly updated labour market intelligence and opportunities are published on the school website and in a half term newsletter.

The Impact of the Careers Programme is regularly evaluated against recommended learning outcomes frameworks. The careers team regularly monitors against the Gatsby Benchmarks, statutory guidance and the new CDI framework. Feedback is collected from parents, students, parents and employers. The school policy on Careers and WRL is reviewed by the Careers and WRL Senior Team Link and team annually. The key priorities from the review are incorporated into the School Improvement and Development Plan every year.

Careers and WRL Learning Policy

Provider Access Policy

For information on any of the information above, please contact Careers Link, Nick Bull on, Lizzie King Sixth Form and Year 11 Careers and Stephen Clarke Year 7,8,9 and 10 Careers.