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Open Event: Visiting Burntwood - y7 intake September 2023

We would be delighted to welcome carers and prospective pupils to one of our upcoming open events.

Date Start Time Event Closes Pre-Registration Required
Thursday 7th July 9.00am 11.00am Yes

We would be delighted to welcome carers and prospective pupils to our upcoming open morning on Thursday 7th July.

Arriving for a 9.00am start, the event consists of a student guided tour of the school, where you will have the opportunity to view our facilities and experience Burntwood on a normal working day. Visitors are welcome to refreshments before a series of presentations from our Principal and current students at the school.

This July date is particularly useful for non Wandsworth parents and carers who wish to view Burntwood prior to their child sitting the Wandsworth Year 6 test in Autumn 2022.

These events are designed for Year 7 entry in September 2023, although we welcome visitors from parents of Year 5 and 4 students.

Visitors are required to pre-register for this event. Please click the link below to secure your place

Burntwood Open Morning 7th July Registration Page

Please note: We advise all visitors to arrive promptly if they wish to tour the school in its entirety, a complete tour of the school will take between 45 minutes to an hour. The last tour will leave at 9.40am and will be a condensed highlight tour.

For any queries on the open event please contact 020 8946 6201 or email