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Careers, WRL and UCAS support

At Burntwood School we deliver a comprehensive and full  programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance to support our Year 12s and 13s as they progress on to higher education and employment.

An independent Careers Adviser is available throughout the year to meet with students one on one and provide advice and guidance on all areas related to careers and Higher Education.

Students are provided with on-going support with their University Applications. In Autumn / Spring of Year 12 they are introduced to careers resources such as Unifrog to get clearer about interests and options and to support the development of their personal statement. In Spring Term tutor time, students prepare for completing their personal statement by working on UCAS activity sheets. In the Summer Term, all Year 12 students are invited to the UCAS Fair in London attended by a large range of UK universities. They are then led through the process of registering and completing a first draft of their personal statement for finalisation in Year 13 Autumn Term. 

Special interest groups - Students with identified interests or strengths are guided through various application preparations such as for Medicine, Dentistry, Oxbridge, Law as well as for School Leaver Programmes. Students who articulate particular interests are targeted with specific opportunities. Oxbridge students are notified of Autumn and Spring Oxbridge taster days, invited to a school talk from an Oxbridge representative and supported in their interview preparation. Potential Russell Group candidates are invited to a motivational talk given by a Russell Group university. Law students are invited to visit legal firms, informed of taster days, university open days, London undergraduate mentoring programmes and work experience opportunities. Medical and Nursing students are supported with medical work experiences programmes at local hospitals, voluntary experience opportunities, specialist speakers on personal statement writing and interviews. Art, Drama and Dance Students are assisted through their particular application process. Similar opportunities exist for other industries including Computer Science, Business and Media.

Newsletter - Our regular online opportunity updates on Microsoft Teams alert students to a regular flow of ideas and opportunities for enrichment and career exploration for Year 12 and 13.  Students can find insight events, workshops, higher apprenticeships and school leaver programmes, summer schools, work experience, post 18 and Higher Education, university insight and taster days and parent information.

We have an extensive programme of weekly speakers who visit the school to talk to students about their various career paths. Students are encouraged to request speakers if they have particular interests. These talks and careers activities are supported with professionally researched information sheets on different career and course pathways.

Students are also encouraged and supported to find work placements and voluntary opportunities as well as prepared for university or school leaver programme interviews with specialists e.g. science teachers for medicine, or other subject teachers and careers adviser for others.

Throughout the year, students are invited to attend school trips relating to careers. Examples include Clifford Chance solicitors to hear about law, Government offices to hear about careers in the civil service, Vodafone to hear about careers in telecommunications, The Times to hear about media careers , Bank of America to hear about careers in finance and a top London advertising agency.