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Student Leadership Team

Head Students 
Ruby Ranson
Eleanor Challands
Deputy Head Students 
Nazia Sajjad
Georgia Howeld
Jakub Siedacz
Yusra Omar
Lina Abdela
Ayesha Saddiqa
Mimi Aulage
Aleksander Ivanov
A Message from the Student Leadership Team:

The Sixth Form Student Leadership Team is a select group of ten students chosen for their diverse experiences of and approaches to life at Burntwood School. Their job is to work collaboratively with both students and teachers to improve and shape Burntwood School for the better, as well as to represent the ethos of Burntwood School. To do this, the team meets regularly, discussing the student body’s ideas about the school and how to implement them smoothly and effectively.

This is a challenging but opportunistic and very rewarding role to have. The team each carry their titles with pride and hope to do a good job at listening to the student body’s wants and needs, and using them to maintain and improve the school environment.


“I value and respect the high standard of education and support on offer at Burntwood, and want to help others realise the full potential of an education here through my role on the Student Leadership Team.” – Ruby Ranson, Head Student

The Student Leadership Team is a vital part of ensuring that young people gain the most that they possibly can from an education here, at Burntwood, helping students to take away life lessons both academic and social.” – Georgia Howeld, Deputy Head Student

“The Team sets a good example not only for their fellow Sixth Formers, but also the lower school, as it demonstrates the functionality and excellency of Burntwood School.” – Aleksander Ivanov, Prefect

“The Student Leadership Team provides those with the greatest understanding of our school to dictate its fashioning, helping all students to flourish and develop into the best possible version of themselves.” – Lina Abdela, Prefect and Yusra Omar, Deputy Head Student