Useful Links

Useful Links

Managed Learning Environment

The MLE (Managed Learning Environment) at Burntwood is an internet-based system that incorporates Office 365 and Burntwood Connect. It consists of a wide range of easy-to-use tools for learning and collaboration online. The MLE will help support students in and out of lessons, allowing them to learn anywhere at anytime. MLE can be accessed from any computer which has access to the Internet.

The MLE will allow you to:

    • Access learning materials created by your teachers and others.
    • Store work and notes online for use in assignments, homework and revision.
    • Work at your own pace and with a wide range of learning styles, through a more personalised curriculum. Submit homework and assignments online for marking and assessment.
    • Participate in live discussions and forums with other students and teachers. Access useful information about school events.

How to login to Burntwood Connect outside school:

  1. Open the Internet browser
  2. Visit the school website,
  3. On the homepage click on ‘Useful Links’
  4. Select ‘Burntwood Connect’ from the drop down
  5. Enter your network username and password that you would normally use when you login to the school computers.

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