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Student Council

The school council is a representative group of students who have been elected by their peers to state their views, propose and take forward initiatives and raise issues with the Senior Leadership Team and Governors of their school. The school council offers students the chance to develop important life-skills, such as leadership, communication and team work, as well as the opportunity to act positively on behalf of others, strengthening the community of our school.

Elections for the school council take place at the beginning of the academic year. Students in each year group put themselves forward for one of two roles:

  • tutor representatives - chosen by members of the tutor group to represent their views.
  • year representatives - chosen by the year group to meet with the class reps and take their views to the school council.

The election is a blind process and students vote on their basis of the skills and aims of each candidate.

Once the initial ideas for the year have been agreed by each year group, the year reps meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to agree the whole school priorities for the year. In this way, the school council provides an important voice within the school community. Issues raised and acted upon by the school council have included: raising money and awareness for mental health charities, changing the marking policy, choosing outdoor fitness equipment for the school and conducting student voice in order to feed back to SLT and governors.

The Inkwell - Student Council Newsletter (May 2019)

Student Representative Council

Members of the Student Representative Council are elected by their Year groups. Formal voting takes place early in the school year, after nominees have addressed Year Assemblies. Every representative should:

    • Have a positive attitude towards Burntwood School and the School Council
    • Be honest and reliable
    • Be respectful to their peers and teachers
    • Be punctual and attend all meetings
    • Have good communication skills
    • Be fair and balanced when discussing school council issues
    • Inform Mr Harper in advance if they are unable to attend
    • Know the tutor group representatives for their Year group
    • Consult with the tutor group representatives on a regular basis
    • Know the representative from other Year groups
    • Report back to tutor representatives any decisions made by the School Council
    • Ask members of their Year group their opinions if required to do so
    • Take an active part in School Council activities
    • Join in with any fund raising for Burntwood or charity
    • Attend any trips organised for the School Council

Students should contact their year representatives if they have a suggestion to make or wish to raise an issue for the Council to discuss.