Useful Links

Useful Links

Travelling To and From School

Dropping off and picking up by car

Can parents please be considerate when they deliver and collect their daughter and not park on the cycle lanes, near the bus stops and zig-zag lines. Parking here can cause potentially dangerous incidents.

Parents are reminded that parking on the zig-zag lines is illegal and parking enforcement applies.

Please see the Highway Code for more details - Highway Code: Waiting and Parking (238-252)

Walking and cycling to school

Walking is an easy and cost free way to travel to school. Walking to school allows a child to:

  • Learn vital road safety and awareness skills 
  • Gain health benefits: Pupils who have walked arrive mentally more alert and ready to learn
  • Interact socially with friends and parents
  • Learn by observing things that are missed from the back seat of a car 
  • At the school gate, safety is improved and congestion is reduced as fewer pupils arrive by car

Cycle training courses - Cycle training courses to help plan walking journeys to school

TFL Journey Planner for all public transport routes

Bus Routes 689 and 690

TfL has made changes to the school bus routes 689 and 690. Please find attached detailed information and a timetable.

TFL Update - Review of Bus Routes

690 Bus Route Timetable