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PSHCRE is delivered to all year groups at Burntwood, during period 1 on a Wednesday. The course deals with six main areas of importance:

  • Keeping Healthy
  • Personal Wellbeing
  • Social Education – Responsibilities and Values
  • Citizenship
  • Economic and Financial Capability
  • Religious Education (KS4)

In KS3 the focus in each unit is to provide opportunities for our young people to grow and develop as individuals, for example by developing self-awareness and taking responsibility for keeping healthy and managing their money. Group discussions and debates involve the young people directly in their learning, encouraging them to work as a team and develop skills in negotiation and co-operation.

In KS4 the focus is on developing skills learnt in year 7-9, and working on managing emotions and dealing with relationships. There is a renewed focus on physical and mental health in Year 10, for example students are encouraged to recognise symptoms of stress and anxiety and reflect on strategies for dealing with issues around mental health.

Due to the changing nature of many issues explored in PSHCRE we are constantly updating and adding to the curriculum. Recent new topics have included:

  • FGM
  • Consent
  • Sexual Self-Harm and body image
  • Bullying, harassment and exploitation
  • Lessons from the financial crash of 2009

At Key Stage 4 students also complete a six week project on Religious Studies, focusing on Religion in the Media (Year 10), and Religion and British Values (Year 11).